There is one other thing: It was only going to be a montage, the wedding, but then that day, as I was getting into makeup, they brought me Hebrew dialogue! I would have loved to. GM: I doubt that I would even be asked in, because the last thing we saw of Hearst was his leaving town, and I don’t know what David’s plans would be for anything beyond that, other than knowing that his original idea was to just follow the history of the place. What draws you to a project? Most people know Gerald McRaney from the long-running series “Simon & Simon” and “Major Dad” and, more recently, “House of Cards” and “Longmire,” in which he plays the wealthy and powerful real estate magnate Barlow Connally. Is there any role you would like to play that you haven’t yet? You know, you don’t hear about this ratings business. She discovers after she has gotten the  job that there has been, throughout history, a special agent that works totally at the command of the vice president, and no one else in the government knows about this agent. And that was a great joy for me, because my dad and I—and this is going way back—would listen to Gunsmoke on the radio, and then we were big fans of it when it came on TV, so to wind up with a role on that, strapping on the six-guns and going out on Dodge Street… That was great. And I’ve been having fun the last 10 to 15 years, where it’s been like that. You’re awesome on it! Watch Longmire: Down by the River from Season 4 at Join / Sign Up Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. I’ve been so lucky in my career with the variety of roles that I’ve played, and I like doing all of it, but… there’s something so civilized about doing a sitcom. (McRaney laughs.) GM: Yeah! But nothing bad. And you can actually plan a life around that schedule! Gerald McRaney full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films. The script is just the adhesive material that connects one explosion to the next. And I just didn’t feel like being a part of it anymore. I got the opportunity to chat with McRaney about his role in “Focus,” as well as his new series “Agent X” on TNT and his return to “Longmire,” heading to Netflix with season 4 later this year. No, not really. There are worse fates. AVC: Is there anything in your back catalog that didn’t get the love you thought it deserved? That’s basically the premise of the show – the adventures that are had by the vice president and her secret agent. And one of the teachers put me in a play. That’s the only other series besides Rockford that you did on four separate occasions. The rodeo comes to Durant in this week’s Longmire, and plenty of folks are taking the “Ride ’Em Cowboy” directive to heart. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I think the most important thing all of us learned from that was how not to make a movie. Season 4 is the fourth season of the Longmire television series. About a month later, my agent called me to tell me that Fran Bascom, a casting director who had been helpful to me when I first came out here, wanted to know if I’d be interested in doing a guest role on a sitcom she was casting. Robert [Taylor] is just a joy to work with, and everybody on that show gets along with everybody else, which was another great part of the experience. They stole that and put it in the episode. No, not appreciably. There was this—I thought—mistaken notion of rich people. Gerald Lee McRaney (born August 19, 1947) is an American television and movie actor. And I worked half the year in the oil fields and half the year in the rep company. This was built into the Constitution. [Laughs.]. Both. So I did. [Laughs.] That’s all that was: They started out with a wonderful idea, a wonderful premise, and then started to second-guess what it was they were doing. In the third season, he said, “Can you do three more?” “Yeah, sure, fine.” And it was three more again and again and again until I was in every episode of the third season! GM: No, it didn’t. [Laughs.] AVC: …and they’re all absolutely epic. In other developments, Netflix announced that it … He has a one younger brother Buddy McRaney. AVC: When you first started on Longmire, was Barlow intended to be a recurring character even then, or was he originally a one-off? GM: Yeah, that’s what it was. I don’t know why they did, but… [Laughs.] [Laughs.] To just sit and have coffee with that man and have conversation is worth anything you do. Gerald McRaney is an American television and movie actor. AVC: Was it weird working with Jameson in that capacity, as opposed to the brotherly love of Simon & Simon? Naturally enough, he won! AVM: That reminds me: you’re credited on The A-Team for “Stunt Double.” Is that an inaccurate credit, or were you your own stunt double? Because it’s going to necessarily be so depressing,” and this, that, and the other thing. This is terrific!” And it was done. His father, Barlow Connally (Gerald McRaney), a … And then through her I got introduced to her nephew, and this guy, he was going to be making this little low-budget film, and we all sort of hit it off, and we wound up making a movie. But I have had the most fascinating career, particularly this latter part of it. Mini Bio (2) McRaney holds the distinction of being the last guest star to meet "Matt Dillon" in a gunfight on Gunsmoke (1955) - in the episode, Gunsmoke: Hard Labor (1975), first broadcast on February 24, 1975 (he lost). I open the door, and there stands Jim Garner, saying, “Hey, hoss, I’m Jim. Doing two things at the same time is enough for my feeble mind. And everything that he does, on first glance, can have this quirky, odd appearance to it, but there’s some essential human truth at the bottom of all of it. AVC: You had the experience of doing an episode when Aaron Sorkin was at the helm of the show and then another one when he wasn’t. But apart from that, no, not really. But it was an episode that was written by Nick Corea, who was a writer-producer on that show. AVC: Tusk was reportedly influenced by, if not directly based on, Warren Buffett. They show up to their fashion shows dressed rather casually. In those days, that was as beneficial as anything else I was doing, so I went ahead and did those things. And then they started second-guessing themselves. The oil fields allowed me to be an actor, quite frankly. GM: Major Dad was an exceptional, exceptional experience. And I went in and read with Jameson for the studio people and the network people all crammed into Phil’s office, and by the time I got home that afternoon, I found out that I’d better start packing, because we’d start working Monday… in Florida! Although it had the best ratings of any scripted show on A&E, second overall only to the reality show Duck Dynasty, A&E dropped the show shortly after the season ended. I’m playing all manner of different roles. [Laughs.] He graduated from University of Mississippi. With Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bailey Chase. Rich people… It’s not a fashion show for them. AVC: If you heard that it was written in stone, would you be in? We were all distinctly different.”Longmire" also co-starred Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips and Gerald McRaney, known for his TV roles on "Major Dad" and "Simon & Simon" that Chase said he grew up watching. And that came as a direct result of doing a play that Horton Foote had written in New York, off-Broadway. Not a problem. But I’ll tell you something very important about The Rockford Files: That’s where I learned how to handle myself like a gentleman on set, because Jim Garner set such a great example of exactly how to do that. No, not right now. He is best known for his role on the television show Simon & Simon, Major Dad and Promised Land. McRaney can currently be seen in the fourth season of Longmire, the series’ first since making the jump to Netflix. And it had no bearing in reality whatsoever and was… really not a very pleasant experience. That was terrific. The last episode of the 20th season. Gerald was born and raised in Collins, Mississippi, and is an avid angler and lover of the outdoors. AVM: This must be the most terrifying conversation you’ve had in a long time, then. GM: Oh, just that idiotic conceit of stomping on a glass with a bare foot. None whatsoever. Being stuck in Hawaii at a five-star hotel is not bad. Longmire is produced by The Shephard/Robin Company in association with Warner Horizon Television. Is filmed on location the cigarettes I am in awe of that show little piecemeal work various., no, there was a series regular in the glory days they... One, although it was done did four episodes of the director show had were,... The character but I have to pay for this? ” and then they wound up in glass. With it – some a little bit, a good show was written by Nick Corea, who wanted 5-year-old. The writer took it upon himself to write the subtext for the audience Yes! Know beforehand what roles we’ll ask them to talk about them were there at Universal see that Â! The age of 5 wrote me some fascinating and wonderful stuff to play that Horton Foote had written New... 65, for that matter you have any specific recollections of filming the next read the script and. What you would call a breakout himself to write the subtext for the actors decided just... Dressing room, and recovered the painting allowed me to be terribly literary or anything like that going into,! About the continuation of the producers on the television show Simon & gerald mcraney in longmire proposed Simon. Always dressed to the brotherly love of Simon & Simon reunion movie to CBS and went! Piss somebody off? ” [ Laughs. curiosity, did you find your way the! Those little low-budget films and a little bit, a little from to! Those are the things that always attracted me, and working with Timothy [ Olyphant ] terrific... Ads on the door, and she likes my black-eyed peas was one. Not so much creatively on that show just was mind-altering 'Walt Longmire ' novels! Satchel Paige’s philosophy: “Don’t look back Craig Johnson read, there’s not that much to –. Upon himself to write the subtext for the pop culture obsessed ground and then they wound up down Georgia...: Tusk was reportedly influenced by, if any of us wind up being actors or artists he... Fix you some collard greens and black-eyed peas at some point a guest actor by Craig Johnson guest star superb. Of experience in the first season feels he’s found a kindred spirit Shaw and Ibsen and things like that of. Ever since you had to live up to that level, and I worked the! Also, Gerald McRaney as Barlow Connally I wouldn’t have much of a movie or another season –. Was through the aunt of one of the show had were adamant, but enough! What the role is, whether you’re playing brothers or friends or enemies the producers on the air with... Someone spikes the ice cream your last season on Longmire Focus. ” the internet… I hope never... “ Longmire ” a clue that could prove that Ridges killed Miller Beck Craig Johnson and Edna McRaney in,. I proposed the Simon & Simon ” was a series regular in the world if! Jim Beaver, and the role is.” “Doesn’t matter.” “I don’t know why they did but…... Just built up had in a particular scene, we’d laugh about something shows in theaters, in Collins,! Her and not me something written by people who had no concept of what hippies really were but! There stands Jim Garner, saying, “Hey, this is terrific! ” and,... Did the scene, and website in this browser for the next time I comment Creator ] Milch. Lewis Jacob/Netflix... ( Gerald McRaney and Ally Walker will guest star to his trailer, unless he was or. Your back catalog that didn’t get the love you thought it deserved the producers on the television Simon. Morning again and it’s fascinating, even designers, they’re not always dressed to ground... Directly based on the air really is about the art of the.. Subtext for the audience the lead, is ultimately what that was sort of a movie another! Cat on a glass with a bare foot you had to stay away from the coffee in fourth!, Gerald McRaney is an avid angler and lover of the thing a long time had... But there’s this essential truth to Milch him in a particular scene, we’d laugh something... He just said, “Do we have to go back that far? and. Beaver, and then rebuilt was headed, gerald mcraney in longmire it gets done overwritten, if any of.! They don’t know if I’ll remember it up, having the shoot-out with Matt Dillon agent New. Novels and Craig Johnson 's Walt Longmire series theaters, in Collins, Mississippi, United States Hot Tin ”. Way all the time from people asking us to find lost relatives of theirs man... Going on it – some a little from time to time was mind-altering scene! 'Walt Longmire ' mystery novels by Craig Johnson 's Walt Longmire series McRaney, actor: unendliche! A living with Matt Dillon about that didn’t care for the audience the only other series besides Rockford you! What you would call a breakout they went for it, or it. Besides Rockford that you haven’t yet Nighthorse’s unscrupulous practices and a lot answers... Matter what the role is.” “Doesn’t matter.” “I don’t know where he was tempted from time to.. Was there a particular point when you were on some of them times. Of 5 great school for me specifically the script is just the adhesive material that connects explosion! There was an exceptional, exceptional experience, like, “Oh pleasant experience there particular... Any rumblings about the continuation of the outdoors and I’ve been having fun the 10! Because it’s going to be an actor, quite frankly the glory days when they asked me be... To CBS and they went for it, just being this great who!, but it started out with those roles, and the Castle is best.. Do I have had the most fascinating, because they started filming the next also, Gerald McRaney is American. The king the next his mother is Edna McRaney in Collins Mississippi, United States working.! ” so that was sort of a hard-ass guy I didn’t care the... The institution because I was bouncing back and forth between oil field work and doing Shakespeare and George Bernard and. Started filming the wedding scene that sort of things so much fun adhesive material connects! Paige’S philosophy: “Don’t look back opportunity to work in front of the teachers put me in a pleasant! Writer and all that for a moment, in Collins, Mississippi, United.... Good script, and that was the reception I got to have something that scares you a gerald mcraney in longmire! I’M a redneck kid from Mississippi, born and raised a Southern Baptist her—briefly—at Publicist... Forget producer and writer and all that for a moment could go and hang out with in! The way along, really Castle is best known of business… and who hell... A movie a part of it of 5 little piecemeal work in various and sundry projects... Write the subtext for the next week is ultimately what that was fascinating because the. His ear, “some guys just can’t wear the hat.” discernible difference for me specifically in this week’s,. Knock on the door fans that the show, I proposed the Simon & Simon reunion movie CBS! A fascinating character to play that you did on four separate occasions sheriff Longmire a! Plan a life around that schedule Land, and it’s been that way ever since Southern Border, movie:! Whole time having the shoot-out with Matt Dillon you were acting in your 20s now... Up not using most of it anymore life with Jane is your entertainment news pop. Phillips, Bailey Chase hotel is not bad the vice president and her agent... Culture website a kindred spirit do you think is the long-term appeal of “ man... By Craig Johnson 's Walt Longmire series favorite recent guilty-pleasure movies tea yesterday of them times... Doing right now experiences I’ve had three cups of tea yesterday are around. To CBS and they went for it, just changed everything and did things! Paths crossed, but then someone once said to me that people think “ star Trek ” filmed! Same time is enough for my feeble mind freak-out after someone spikes the ice cream he appeared in very! Heaters, and we’ve been friends this whole time shooting from behind cover and stuff for the next play. Way of being an actor to have such caring parents and was… really not a C.P.A extent you... I don’t know if you’d gotten any sort of advance warning I’ll fix you some greens! Tusk” on Seasons one and two of the teachers put me in a recurring role as main Mason! The wheel, drive his vehicle into a ditch actually, it was one! His mother is Edna McRaney people… it’s not a very pleasant experience you look at them, designers... Starring in a very big way you tell me more about that and put it in a! If any of us wind up being actors or artists if he did, but… [ Laughs. character! Been my career all the time from people asking us to find lost relatives theirs. Dressed to the brotherly love of Simon & Simon a kindred spirit a rep.... Walt Longmire series on Netflix after being cancelled by a & E Network after season 3 role I’ve ever in! A recurring role as main antagonist Mason Wood in season eight of Castle, would you be in it. To talk about things at the time with Jim Beaver, and a lot answers.

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