If you own a business, you will know how vital it is to protect your assets and property from theft and other criminal activity. As an example, if you manage a residential apartment complex that has had past problems with vandalism, break-ins, and assaults, it may be best to use armed guards on these assignments. 7. In a world of fear and individuals quick to file lawsuits, security companies are at risk. While high school education is the foundation for many security officer positions, some employers like to see degrees or experience in related fields. While ZipRecruiter is seeing hourly wages as high as $18.27 and as low as $7.69, the majority of Unarmed Security Guard wages currently range between $10.58 (25th percentile) to $13.94 (75th percentile) across the United States. It can be a fast paced career with plenty of room for advancement. A possibility for the person who is considering advanced roles in the security industry, is a degree in security management or security administration. Tennessee An unarmed security guard acts as a line of defense to deter a situation from escalating to needing police involvement. Unarmed security officers can be less threatening to visitors and become more of an ambassador for your brand/company while still offering a proactive security solution. Home Professional Security Services in Colorado Springs Unarmed Security Guard Services in Colorado Springs Some situations call for a more discreet security presence. Wyoming, /*

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